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When I recently wrote a cover story on wine and pregnancy for a local newspaper, I got lots of feedback—equal parts negative and positive. That much I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting was the strong reaction so many readers had to my brief reference to a “home glass”—so named, to borrow from the article, “because you are unlikely to get a pour this generous anywhere but at home, when you yourself are doing the pouring.”

Drinking during pregnancy? Who cares. You want to stir passions and find resonance with your readers, start talking about the glass of wine you pour yourself at home after a long day. People just love their home glass, and it’s not just about the quantity—or even the quality—of what it contains. It seems to have much more to do with the mood it lifts, erases, or evokes. The person with whom it’s shared. The stories told while sharing it. The food and/or family drama it’s paired with; the adventures planned or remembered over sips, gulps, tastes, and toasts.

For all those reasons, I’m adopting The Home Glass as this blog’s new moniker. In the days and weeks that follow, I’ll be adding more images and posts that fit this theme—and I’ll do my best to make it a generous pour.

This is not a home glass. Photo by Danny Palmerlee.


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